About Mistress Theresa

About Mistress Theresa


About me

I am a young Domina, est. ‘92. Even though I was born in southern Spain, I live, study, and practice BDSM in Germany.


What I like

You will never find a list of “services” on my website, because the one who is here to serve is YOU. What I can do is tell you what I like to do during the sessions:

  • CBT, humiliation, psychological torture, Petplay, FootFetish, Trampling, needleplay, Electroplay, Bondage, Shibari, feminization and chastity.

I am always open to experience new practices, so please do not hesitate to propose things that are not on this short list. I can guarantee that everything I do has been practiced for years; for me, security and perfection come first.


Before starting a session, you must pay tribute to your mistress. How big that tribute will be, will always depend on where we are (in what city / country, hotel or studio, etc.), when, if we know each other or not, how long the session lasts, what practices we do, etc. .

All this may sound very abstract, so I want to make it clear that my min. tribute is € 200 per hour.

(Dates and events would be € 150 per hour with a minimum of a two hours booking.)

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My taboos

What I like the most about BDSM is the importance that the community gives to consent and respect. It is precisely those values that I have always in mind during a session. These are the things that I do NOT consent before, during or after a session:

  • Alcohol, drugs, lack of hygiene, lack of respect, racism or sexism.

Touching any part of my body without asking will be sufficient reason for me to end the session. During my sessions you can not expect conventional sex either. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.